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When it comes to workman’s compensation investigations we are the most passionate and result driven investigators in the state, bar none! Because of this we will save you money and that is a guarantee that we will put in writing.

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We have currently mitigated well over a million dollars in fraudulent workers comp claims. Fraudulent claims cost everyone; the more they are allowed to go unchecked the more they spread, just like a fire. Think of us as the ultimate fire extinguisher. That is not meant to sound funny, but we will put a smile on your face. From beginning to end our workman’s comp clients are thoroughly satisfied. It’s simply because we have real passion and an incredible track record for work comp cases.

Sacramento County, Workmans Compensation, Workmans Sacramento County

Here are a few things that set us apart from anyone you have ever used or may consider using.

We will talk to you about your claim and achieve anything that you think is legally possible or we will not even take the case. We will offer you a full 100% money back guarantee if you or anyone in your company is unhappy for any reason.

We are always glad to commit to a normal 5-7 day comprehensive work comp investigation. However we have found that we can most often achieve results within 2 days, if not then the 3rd day is free. Again, that’s passion and results that save you money. The more we work for you the stronger you become. Not only in your bottom line but also in your ability and confidence in stamping out false, embellished or exaggerated claims.

By our standard of practice our clients receive daily detailed written reports. No waiting around and wondering. All evidence comes directly to you in a manner that is easily understood and always beneficial to your pursuit of the truth and a solid bottom line business practice.

On a first case basis, we will match any current rates you normally receive. After seeing your new investigative results you will continue with Ultimate Edge Investigations. We will work with you on any pending case rates in a manner that will prove our passion and improve your legal standing as well as strengthening your overall business future.

Workmans Compensation, Sacramento County

Workmans Compensation Sacramento

Workmans Compensation Sacramento

Workmans Compensation Sacramento