Client Referrals

These names and people are real. This is not like some references pages that are more fiction than reality. These people are real professionals with sincere quotes. The authenticity may be verified by any Ultimate Edge Client, you can become one today.

Ivan Gutierrez

Great,excellent service I was very satisfied with their services,made me feel comfortable and treated me with respect,I would give them more than 5 stars if possible..Really don't understand the bad reviews I completely disagree,I will …

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klark kent

Good investigation service, name says it all.

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Lolita Cox

I want to thank you so much for helping us back in 2016, I didn't want to show my real name so I am using another account but everytime I think about how you helped save my family member from a horrible accusation, I cry with happiness and …

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Brian Banning (Retired Lieutenant, Homeland Security Consultant)

“Ultimate Edge Investigations is owned and operated by one of my oldest and most trusted peers; he is dedicated, and determined.”

Dean Happel (Narcotics Enforcement Officer)

“I have worked with the owner of Ultimate Edge Investigations during his law enforcement career. I know him as a confident investigator with the highest standards and expectations.”

Martha McNally (Retired Police Officer)

“I knew Bryan Elkins as an officer and a neighbor. Without a doubt he is a top quality person.”

Robert Granados (Retired Police Officer, youth counselor)

“I have depended on Bryan countless times over the years; he has never let me down.”

Donna Morgan (Attorney)

“I have hired Bryan to work many of my cases, we haven’t lost one yet.”

Tony ‘The Tiger’ Lopez (3 time world champion and Bail Bonds Owner)

“I have known and trusted Bryan for over 10 years, when I have something critical I always give him a call.”

Sergeant David Brown (Current Police Sergeant)

“Bryan was my partner for many years. We conducted hundreds of investigations and arrests. He is a person of honor and respect that I trust implicitly to this day.”

Steven Ulrich (Retired CHP, licensed Private Investigator)

“I have used Bryan work on many occasions. The top quality results keep me coming back.”

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