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Missing Persons

A Missing Person(s) case is the most time sensitive investigation. We successfully resolve missing person’s cases on a state and national basis. However our success rate anywhere near the Sacramento region is unmatched.

When we accept a missing person case it is immediately given a priority 1 status. This means that all personnel and all resources must be made available 24 hours a day. Upon receiving a request regarding a missing person we execute an investigative analysis that includes a plan of action. This can involve a multi-faceted team from Ultimate Edge Investigations. There are 3 simultaneous efforts to this team. There is a client liaison, a field team and an in office investigator. We are routinely called upon in the Sacramento area for sensitive and confidential missing person(s) cases.

Due to our approach we have been contracted to conduct Sacramento area searches for “Orphan Secure”. This is a non-profit 501-C internationally acknowledged organization that combats child sex trafficking.

This same methodology can be scaled up or down to meet each client family needs. Your investigative force is in constant evolution depending on evidence and leads as they develop. The strength to using Ultimate Edge Missing Persons teams is that we are able to adapt to any situation yet still bring our years of success to bear on your case.

We also locate:

• Biological Parents
• Long lost family members
• Past associates
• Debtors

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