Asset Searches

Based on over 10 years in the Asset discovery industry, Ultimate Edge Investigations success rate for asset searches is unmatched.

If you’re looking for an accurate comprehensive asset search; ours are simply the best. Unlike many others, our methods get account information down to the penny. We get exact amounts, exact addresses and last transaction amounts with dates.

We search and locate hidden assets state wide, nationwide or worldwide. We are able to reveal hidden money making operations, and personal properties such as houses, real estate, cars, boats etc.

Sacramento, Sacramento County

Ultimate Edge Investigations is consistently called upon by other investigators to help them with their asset searches. Why not avoid the middle man and go to the real source. Our proprietary asset searches are used by key law firms, individual attorneys and major corporations. If we can satisfy those customers we can satisfy anyone.

Sacramento, Sacramento County

Our asset searches reports help our client routinely prevail in cases such as:

• Family Law
• Divorce
• Child Custody
• Judgments
• Liens
• Bankruptcies
• Preparation for law suit

Sacramento, Sacramento County


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